SIX HARMONIES MADRID | Area: 250 m2  |  Location: Madrid  |  Year: 2020  |  Photography: Uxio Da Vila

Six Harmonies Spa is an urban wellness project that offers cutting-edge beauty and wellness treatments in the heart of Madrid. A place where you can find calm through purity, relaxation, and emotions. Given the demands of the project, we are aiming for sensorial minimalism while providing a personal touch through the use of golden metals and strong decorative elements. In terms of interior design, the design focuses on the use of unique custom pieces by Ilmiodesign, which precisely project the beauty and exclusivity of the brand. Regarding lighting, key to transmitting that feeling of relaxation, calm and inner peace, the studio has also worked with great detail to provide careful, warm, indirect and adjustable lighting through sophisticated home automation systems; in turn creating different environments depending on the customer's sensory needs. We find two different environments, one focused on beauty treatments and the other on wellness care, spread over different rooms and passageways:
- Glow Lounge.
- Nail Bar and Nomad Concept Store.
- Wellness Area.