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J&Y HOUSE | Floorspace: 220 m2  |  Location: Pamplona  |  Year: 2019  |  Photography : Pedro Pegenaute

Ilmiodesign transformed a 220 m2 apartment in the heart of Pamplona (Plaza de la Libertad) into a welcoming and harmonious property, in the purest Milan style. A project that set out to reflect a current lifestyle but raising it to the highest level. Highlights include the sober and balanced use of materials, from stone/wood flooring and oak panelling to a meticulous mix and selection of premium Italian furniture and Ilmio's in-house designs, all in a perfectly executed equilibrium between shapes and colours. Visual harmony is further accentuated with a perfect fusion of natural and artificial light, both on the ceiling and on the floor, which generates a soft and delicate lighting.