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A HOUSE | Floorspace: 250 m2 | Location: Pamplona | Year: 2011 | Photography: Gorka Bauenza

A new lease of life was wanted for this property. A substantial change was conveyed by the owner. The wish was to give more light to rooms and their content to achieve a visual and conceptual balance by taking advantage of the width and the views. The first change takes place in the hall, where it was decided to bring together the collection of twentieth-century figurative art previously dotted across various rooms.

To create a logical tour and a dialogue with the exhibition, the decision was taken to remove all types of cornices from the paintings, unifying them with a new design that enhances their artistic value. In the living room, a large formal element separates it into two distinct areas: a reception area, in front of the fireplace and in direct connection with the hall, and a second cosier and more intimate space where the owners can unwind after work.

This exclusive element, made from punched metal sheet with square perforations, separates yet visually connects both areas, calibrating and shading the light input that in turn projects the shapes and shadows of its structure onto the adjoining surfaces.

Each space is the expression of the balanced composition of furniture of major international firms together with bespoke furniture, designed and developed specifically for this home as elements of distinction and exclusivity, combining the state-of-the-art production techniques with handcrafted designs, which bestow plenty of personality to the whole.