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P HOUSE | Floorspace: 150 m2  |  Location: Logroño  |  Year: 2015  |  Photography: Pedro Pegenaute

The project was the result of a study into needs and simplicity transferred to the existing space. Everyday life in this house used to focus on the living room and the master bedroom. As a result, our project provides a link between these rooms through a discreet yet direct relationship.

To intensify this link, two orthogonal volumes were created in the form of wooden boxes to hide the other rooms in the house, which do not wish to be given more prominence. Inside them are the bathrooms, the kitchen, the dressing room and a children's room. The physical structure was defined by creating this unique visual and spatial union, seen as a synergy and a complicity, while also being almost a single space where almost all home life takes place.

This harmonious union is emphasised with the architectural 'language of light', a narrow beam of light runs longitudinally throughout the panelling on the wooden boxes, enhancing their volume, texture, material and accompanying the visitor or user as they pass through the property. The meticulous design of the panelling itself provides a perfect aesthetic camouflage against entrances and curves, as it has been conceived with the desire for doors and wardrobes to completely disappear and look like a continuous element.

Made in situ by cabinetmakers, it enhances the soul of the wood by showcasing its grain and providing maximum warmth. In the house, the general atmosphere is that of a warm and welcoming space, fusing pieces of furniture with ILMIODESIGN's own design with pieces by important designers, all under a meticulously studied lighting.