THE KAVE MADRID | Floorspace: 200 m2  |  Location: Madrid  |  Year: 2019  |  Photography: Jose Salto

THE KAVE: EPHEMERAL, EXCLUSIVE AND SECRET The wonderful exclusivity of this space is marked by its ephemeral character, reflected by the presence of a clock that counts down the days left until it closes (644 from 1 January). The Kave is accessed through a secret passage. Clandestinity with a nocturnal, alternative and transgressive touch, emphasised by soft lighting. We revisited the speakeasy format with a strong embracing character. The first major element is a double central bar in aged brass plate with rivets. Behind is a walnut bottle rack with an antique-style mirror and on top is a wooden louvred case stained in burgundy with mirrors. In the wine cellar area, there are delicate latticed elements in aged brass, inspired by the style of New York buildings from the early twentieth century. This semi-private area is dominated by a huge lamp, an exclusive design by Ilmiodesign, and a backlit table in alabaster.

One of the boldest areas at The Kave are the bathrooms, with papered walls that reproduce an anonymous sixteenth-century image about hell and the seven deadly sins, which have served as an inspiration. As a result, on one of the walls there are seven niches that depict the seven sins, with the idea of inserting access cards to the bar into the most appropriate sin. A fun play of designs connects with the deepest realms of the soul, asking for the sin with which the guest most identifies to be unveiled.