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RESTAURANTE TATEL MADRID | Floorspace: 800 m2  |  Location: Madrid  |  Year: 2015 |  Photography : Uxio Davila |  Artistic project : La Basse

Atmosphere of a clandestine club, 1930s glamour and live music. That's the soul of Tatel, a restaurant full of rhythm and a truly unique identity. The idea was to create a space with a completely new look for Madrid, inspired by the speakeasy clubs of the 1930s. Something extraordinary was always happening in those clubs, so the spirit of Tatel is so dynamic that it's a show in its own right.

With the idea of conceiving a 21st-century speakeasy, ILMIODESIGN carried out at Tatel a contemporary review of the famous clubs that emerged during prohibition. Its unmistakable style fuses the elegant aesthetics of the 1930s and 1950s with a very current twist. Sophistication and quality create a rich and warm environment, but without ostentation or superfluous elements.

At Tatel, artisanal details live together in perfect harmony, blending the memory of a bygone era with contemporary design. To achieve this, we created many pieces exclusively for the space and combined them with other design icons. And in this quirky setting, subtle nods are given to Spanish culture in the form of murals which revisit the most recognisable traits of our idiosyncrasy in a truly current way. A space which stimulates the five senses and evokes unparalleled images of the clubs that appear in the classics of cine noir. Two spatial keys bestow character to the restaurant.

First, the smoothness of its design, in which inside and outside are fully integrated. And, secondly, its layout. An exercise in interior architecture that takes advantage of the open-plan space to guarantee a panoramic view of the entire restaurant from everywhere. This uniqueness underlines a new way of being and sharing known as 'social intimacy'. At Tatel, freedom is what makes it different from speakeasies from bygone times.